UMED-United Movement for Education Development

UMED Milestone

Posted on: December 19, 2010

UMED series of achievements in progess. Currently UMED has taken the responsibility and achieved the number of children 60 UMED has currently planned to open a free Community center in Ghareebabad Tehsil Isakhel District Mianwali to entertain all the facilities to these children. UMED plans to provide these children the basic right of education and all the needs of these children to complete their education. Your contribution in this regard will help UMED achieve more. To make your contribution contact UMED staff at any time. Your effort in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

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Umed works a very well done…………

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  • M Bilal khan: UMED works in every time Good and looking good thoughts..........
  • M Bilal khan: Umed works a very well done............
  • umedpk: No problem. inshallah we will promote it to International level.Keep working ,its all ur effort


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